As a sports therapist and personal trainer I can offer you all round advice on keeping fit and staying fit no matter what level of activity you wish to pursue. Whether you are presently unfit with no exercise history or you are a keen athlete wishing to improve performance, I am interested in your progress and I have the knowledge to assist you to reach your goals.
I am qualified in the fields of personal training, sports coaching, sports psychology and sports therapy.
I can offer personalised fitness programmes if I cannot train you one-to-one and I can also offer programmes and advice on-line.
My knowledge in the field of sports therapy ensures all your training will be devised with an eye on your level of ability to minimise your risk of injury but I also aim to help you enjoy your exercise experience.

For more information call me on 01285 644766.
Mobile 07790 477 041 or email me on
eMAP for Cirencester, Gloucestershire UK.

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When you take on a coach he or she should be working towards only one persons goals and aspirations - yours. This is what I work to achieve with each individual client.
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